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Spartanics finds success with laser diecutter

September 25, 2009

As the laser cutting technology improves, interest grows in the label industry.

Spartanics introduced its laser diecutter three years ago, and has since made significant improvements in the equipment and the process. The company has experienced a high level of interest in the process here at Labelexpo, according to Mike Bacon, VP of sales and marketing.

One major issue that laser cutting devices have had to overcome is the 90-degree corner. If the laser pauses a micro-second too long while making the turn at the corner of the label, the beam could cut through the release liner. Spartanics, said Bacon, has succeeded in addressing that problem by controling the depth of the cut and initiating a quick on-off-on sequence at the corner.

Speeds of the laser diecutters, historically much slower than conventional rotary tooling, has improved dramatically, Bacon added. “The secret is in communication between the machine and the software,” he said. "Speeds of 125 meters per minute are now possible."