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AVT enhances Helios II with online bar code verification

September 26, 2009

The inspection system now has bi-directional communication with MIS systems in print production.

AVT – Advanced Vision Technologies – presented a new process for online verification of bar codes, data matrix codes and variable data, integrated into its top-of-the-line print inspection systems.

The AVT PrintVision/Helios II can inspect and verify UPC bar codes, 2D data matrix bar codes, and human readable information. The system performs 100 percent verification of all bar codes and is able to detect and immediately alert press or rewinder operators of any bar code quality or readability problems. The system also supports the new E-Pedigree FDA regulations to track and trace pharmaceuticals from manufacturer to customer, protecting consumers from contaminated or counterfeit medicines or drugs. The Helios verifies and validates the codes, and alerts and reports on print quality and validity as well as duplicated or missing codes.

The PrintVision/Helios II is now able to have bi-directional communication with MIS systems in the print production environment, receiving relevant job data from production, sending quality information to MIS. This sharing of information contributes to shorter setup times, increased automation, and eliminates the need to re-enter information (preventing possible data entry errors). By adding more accurate information to MIS systems, better control over raw materials and the production process can be achieved.

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