Graymills offers quick change ink pumps

Published September 26, 2009
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Graymills Corporation is offering converters faster press turnaround with its Quick Change Dual Head Peristaltic Ink Pumps, which were showcased at its booth. The pumps received the FlexoTech 2007 International Innovation Award.

Quick Change peristaltic pumps allow operators to change out pump heads and hoses in seconds, off-line prior to a runs end, without tools. The company says changing ink pumps is as simple as pulling a quick release pin, and swapping the used head with the clean preloaded head.

In addition to single head models, the Quick Change Dual Head Peristaltic Ink Pump combines two removable heads powered by a single motor. Converters can pump two colors to two different decks, pump the same color to two different decks, or pump ink up and pull back down from a single deck. Speed and motor direction controls for the dual head can be mounted remotely in an operator-friendly location. Graymills says the product offers better ink management with the efficiency of using one pump.

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