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Kocher + Beck to enter rotary screen market

September 26, 2009

The range of screens will make its debut in January 2010.

Kocher + Beck, a manufacturer of dies with a focus on flexible magnetic cutting tools, has announced its plan to enter the rotary screen market with its own line of screens, scheduled for launch in January 2010.

“We have taken our time developing and field testing,” said General Manager Martin Stierle. “Because before we release a new product, we at Kocher + Beck have to be absolutely sure that we will fully meet and exceed our customers’ high expectations."

Kocher + Beck also manufactures the GapMaster Plus, which allows for a ±0.1 mm adjustment of the gap between the anvil body and cutting tool, in steps of 0.8 µm, by turning the two-part latched dial, even when the machine is running.