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Melzer showcases its RFID turnkey systems

September 26, 2009

A partnership with Datacon and others has lead to Total Tag Technology products.

Teaming with the Datacon, Melzer presented its turnkey systems for the manufacturing of RFID inlays, tags and related products at Labelexpo. The products shown by Datacon and Melzer are devised by the TTT (Total Tag Technology) partnership of seven technology providers in RFID tag manufacturing.

Up to now, RFID product manufacturers were faced with a number of production-related challenges: extremely high price pressure, together with rigid demands on quality, no room for margin stacking, very short lead times, and integration in many different products. For this reason, the seven suppliers got together in 2008 to form the TTT (Total Tag Technology) partnership program to devise total turnkey systems for the manufacturing of RFID inlays, tags and related products.

Each TTT product is based on a specific antenna design according to a specific RFID chip. For efficient manufacturing of RFID tags on a reel-to-reel basis also a web design has to be determined. TTT suppliers are offering know-how transfer training for equipment operation, equipment maintenance, process control, process optimization and process qualification. At the Melzer and Datacon booth, the companies showed their advanced RFID production systems including transponder assembly equipment and a converting line, as total manufacturing solutions, leveraging best-in-class technologies, and qualified processes implemented on flexible equipment.