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Rheintacho introduces bright, portable LED strobe

September 26, 2009

The strobe offers continuous use time of up to 11 hours.

Rheintacho presented the RT Strobe pocket LED, introducing it as currently the world’s brightest portable LED strobe. Features of the strobe include 1500 Lux brightness, 30-300 flashes per minute, splash proof and dustproof to IP65, and11 hours continuous operation time with three standard AA rechargeable batteries.

“We have been observing the market for high performance LEDs for quite some time. For years, there has been no LED available which could satisfy our demands, which, of course, are high. But it is our philosophy to go for leading technology,” said Elmar Lackermaier, head of engineering.

The core technology of this strobe is its LEDs combined with smart electronics. With a continuous use time of up to 11 hours, this instrument provides the user with an extensive operation time. The power supply by means of AA sized batteries offers inexpensive and freely available replacement batteries. One further important feature of this LED strobe, the company says, is the virtually unlimited lifetime of the single LEDs. This means no expensive xenon replacement bulbs, a major cost consideration on whole life ownership and use of stroboscopes.
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