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Charter Films to produce barrier films

October 12, 2009

The installation of new blown film extrusion equipment will be complete by December.

Charter Films, Superior, WI, USA, is installing a new Windmoeller & Hoelscher (W&H) blown film extrusion line capable of producing multi-layered coextruded barrier films. The line, scheduled to be in production late December 2009, will enable the production of barrier films.

“Films that will be produced on this new extrusion line will allow us to better serve our existing customers who use both our monolayer and/or three layer films, but also have more demanding packaging applications that require the use of barrier films to retard or prevent the passage of liquids, aromas, or gases,” says Brian Beuning, director of sales and marketing.

Primary applications for film produced on the new line will be high barrier films for food packaging applications such as meat and cheese, seafood, crackers, cookies and nuts. Other applications include barrier films for pet food and select industrial applications.

“Customers have asked us over the last few years if we have given thought to producing barrier films; until this time we have always told them ‘not yet’. We believe the timing is right for us now. With our existing capacity and technical capabilities, adding this W&H barrier line helps us to round out our product offerings.”