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Upgrades available for AB Graphic’s SabreXtreme laser cutter

November 17, 2009

The cutting system now offers network connection, allowing access to a library of cutting patterns.

AB Graphic International has announced new upgrades for its SabreXtreme laser label cutting system, including enhancements to label cutting software and the ability to change jobs without stopping the web. SabreXtreme now offers network connection, enabling a company’s art department to directly load a library of label cutting patterns to run. The patterns are selected by the operator using bar codes printed on work orders. In addition, the software now permits all machine settings to be saved so that exact patterns can be stored for later use.

“Network connection means that the artwork can be edited by the prepress department and sent to a job queue ready for digital printing,” says Mike Davison, designer of the system. “The digital die pattern is created within the software and sent to the laser label cutting system. Small label jobs are grouped by material so they can be run on a single roll using a digital press. At the same time, a work order is generated that lists the jobs in the sequence in which they occur on the roll using a bar code list. The operator then loads the roll and the patterns using a bar code reader. As one job is running, the next can be loaded. Job changes are carried out through a single push button.”

The SabreXtreme laser label cutting system is designed to meet the increasing demand for shorter print runs and is capable of producing hundreds of different die patterns a day. The system is currently available for 330mm (13”) maximum web widths.

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