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Ritrama launches a custom substrate program

November 23, 2009

Custom Solution Builder lets customers combine adhesives, film facestocks and release liners for special constructions.

Ritrama Inc., a supplier of pressure sensitive adhesive-based roll labelstock, has launched the Custom Solution Builder, a product development tool for its customers to combine the adhesives, film facestocks, and release liners that it provides to create custom constructions for demanding end use applications.

The guide provides the start point for developing these products, and outlines the details of the program including minimums and enhanced service parameters associated with the program. It is useful for customers that require small minimum order quantities and special combinations of materials. Additionally, the guide provides Ritrama adhesive and facestock compatibility information as well as printing guidelines to assist with product selection.

Custom Solution Builder products are shipped in less than five days with no additional slitting charges.

Based in Minneapolis, MN, USA, Ritrama is a group of international companies dedicated to the manufacture and sales of specialty self-adhesive materials. The company manufactures a full line of pressure sensitive film labelstocks for the prime, beverage, health and beauty, and OEM markets.

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