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Sekuworks launches prismatic variable security information printing

December 7, 2009

The patent pending process offers a high level of counterfeit deterrence and a new means of authentication assurance for users.

Sekuworks LLC has developed and launched Prismatic Variable Security Information Printing, which offers standalone or additional authentication for security documents, branded products, or where the use of a number, image or code requires a high assurance of authenticity. The patent pending security feature offers an additional level of counterfeiting deterrence and a new means of authentication assurance for its users in the battle to protect and validate assets, according to the company.

The technology enables additional authentication and deters counterfeiting by the means of prismatic (multi-color) printed variable information. A security improvement over traditional single color variable information, prismatic variable information is printed with two or more colors that are slightly overlapped when the colors transition. The overlap is intentional, controlled and aligned so that the variable information is not deformed in any way. The printed information may be overt, covert, or a combination of both.

Prismatic Variable Security Numbering provides information, authentication and anti-counterfeit deterrence by means of designing, generating, and applying a specific multi-colored prismatic form of variable information. Variable information in combination with multiple linked colors creates a powerful security feature. Verification is achieved by standard inspection, viewed magnification of the unique dot overlap or by the use of reading equipment for covert marks or automatic verification.

The prismatic variable information color separations can be printed in two orientations, splitting the entire variable information image across its full length or splitting the variable information image into predefined segments with the color transition occurring within the variable information. Variable print can be produced using such processes as inkjet, laser, thermal transfer, and digital printers.

Sekuworks, Harrison, OH, USA, has integrated multiple security technologies, including intaglio printing, holography, rotary screen printing, and variable data and code insertion in a single pass process. The Northern Banknote division of Sekuworks, which began operations in 1891, produces high security documents for many worldwide governments and financial institutions.

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