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Omet simplifies diecutting with new MonoTwin-Cut

December 14, 2009

The diecutting unit uses a single magnetic cylinder for all label sizes.

Omet, the press manufacturer from Lecco, Italy, has developed a diecutting device that it says simplifies the diecutting process and reduces costs. Known as the MonoTwin-Cut, the new unit uses a single magnetic cylinder for all label sizes, thereby eliminating the need for the converter to stock a range of different tooling.

MonoTwin-Cut operates by rotating at a constant speed during the cutting phase, while its servo control motor allows it to adjust its idling speed to the acceleration and deceleration of the press while staying synchronized for the next cut. The unit is available for both the Omet X-Jet (digital) and Omet X-Flex (flexo) series of presses.

The unit is simple and intuitive to use, requires no lifting tackle for heavy cylinders, and completes a changeover by simply replacing the cutting sheet. Operational control of the unit, web tension, and waste extraction are all carried out via the main operator control board, while pre-register and register control is fully automatic.

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