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Franklin introduces eco-friendly product line

December 28, 2009

The Acrynax line offers a cost-effective, environmentally safe alternative to solvent-based adhesives.

Franklin Adhesives & Polymers, a division of Franklin International, Columbus, OH, USA, has introduced Acrynax adhesives, a line of acrylic polymer hot melt pressure sensitive adhesives that is good for both the environment and the manufacturer’s bottom line. The Acrynax line offers an environmentally safe alternative to solvent-based adhesives. Solvents can be damaging to the atmosphere and typically must be recovered or safely oxidized – usually, at an additional cost to the manufacturer. Acrynax adhesives eliminate the need for expensive solvent handling.

Franklin says Acrynax also offers a cost-effective alternative to UV-curable pressure sensitive hot melts. As a fully reacted hot melt adhesive, it can be used in the same machinery as rubber-based hot melts – which contain agents that interfere with UV-curing – without requiring expensive, time-consuming equipment clean-outs. Also, because they are fully cured, Acrynax adhesives allow for much higher coating speeds than either solvent-based or water-based adhesives and high coating line speeds enable maximum productivity at the plant, the company says.

Acrynax acrylic polymer hot melts also offer high versatility for diverse applications. All Acrynax products exhibit good adhesion to a variety of materials, including polyester, glass, steel, aluminum, vinyl, fabric, non-wovens and paper, the company says. They are optically clear, skin-friendly and highly resistant to water, solvent, ultraviolet light and many plasticizers. They can also be used as a modifier of other adhesives, imparting benefits of acrylic chemistry to those products.