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The flexo industry welcomes Thomas Kuczek

December 28, 2009

A career change was launched with the help of DiTrolio Flexographic Institute.

Out of the recession comes a story of personal success and a new addition to the ranks of flexographers. The story comes from DiTrolio Flexographic Institute, Broadview, IL, USA, a training academy for the flexographic printing industry.

“During this difficult economic period we hear constant employment horror stories of people losing their jobs for numerous reasons,” says President Vince Ditrolio. “Despite the chaos, however, there are still those fortunate individuals who manage to change their lives in a positive way.

“Thomas Kuczek started our Flexo 101 class as an unemployed man looking for a career change. He successfully completed our program and was recently hired full time with a local printing company. For him, this year ending is the start of a new chapter in his life,” DiTrolio adds.

Kuczek says he is on a path to fulfilling his goal: “Steady full time employment, so that my girlfriend and I can eventually buy a house and start a family.”

This story, says DiTrolio, “brings us hope that even though our economy is slow our industry continues to hire. Tom Kuczek is proof and hope that we will continue to hear stories of employment and growth. We look forward to following Tom’s progress in the flexographic industry.”

The DiTrolio Flexographic Institute was founded to meet the flexographic industry’s need for quality, off-site training to counter the problems of on-the-job training: wasted production and equipment time, wasted raw materials, and inconsistent skill sets. The institute offers industry-specific training seminars for all skill levels – from beginning press operations to advanced printing applications – and features an environment where new press operators and industry professionals alike can gain hands-on exposure to printing and finishing processes. The institute is approved by both the Illinois State Board of Education and the Illinois Department of Veterans’ Affairs.