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Polyonics’ label materials receive Zestron approval

January 4, 2010

The label materials, mounted on electronic components, showed no visible defects after seven wash cycles.

Polyonics Inc., Westmoreland, NH, USA, has announced that several of its thermal transfer printable white polyimide label stocks were provided to Zestron America for compatibility tests with Zestron’s high precision cleaning agent, Atron AC200 at 13 percent concentration. The label stocks involved are XF-581, XF-582, XF-583, XF-584, XF-596 and XF-597.

Each of the label materials was printed with a Dai Nippon R510 thermal transfer ribbon. The printed labels were then used in a printed circuit board reflow process, followed by seven wash cycles which represented “worst case” cleaning conditions. In all cases the printed label showed no visible defects.

Polyonics’ polyimide label materials are coated with a permanent pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive and a high opacity white topcoat specifically designed for thermal transfer printing. The XF-581 (1 mil) and XF-582 (2 mil) have a semi-gloss finish, the XF-583 (1 mil) and XF-584 (2 mil) have a matte finish, and the XF-596 (1 mil) and XF-597 (2 mil) have a high gloss finish.

The materials are designed for bar code or alphanumeric identification of PCBs or related electronic components. Bar code labels made from these polyimide materials demonstrate excellent performance in RoHS (“lead-free”) wave solder environments on either the top or bottom side of the board, which range from 260º C to 290º C (500° F to 554° F). Additionally, the label materials exhibit excellent resistance to harsh fluxes, cleaning agents, saponifiers and wave solder environments, and resist all commonly used methods of cleaning, according to the company.

Zestron is a supplier of cleaning products and services for the electronics manufacturing industry, and collaborates with customers to help them exceed stringent cleaning requirements.

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