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Unifoil launches re-branding with new logo

January 11, 2010

The new brand message of innovation, shelf impact, and sustainability speaks to packaging decision makers.

Unifoil Corporation, Fairfield, NJ, USA, a manufacturer of eco-friendly metalized and holographic materials, has announced the launch of a re-branding campaign with the debut of a new logo. The new design, incorporating the tagline “inspired substrates,” enables Unifoil to communicate effectively its brand message of innovation, sustainability, and visual impact on the retail shelf.

“Unifoil’s brand values are more relevant today than ever before,” says Joseph Funicelli, Unifoil’s president and CEO. “We have always been at the forefront of material innovations and mindful of how our choices affect the environment, society, and the bottom line. The new logo, tagline, and re-branding of Unilustre and Ultralustre, send a distinct, clear message to our diverse markets about our knowledge of the culture of packaging, where innovation, shelf impact, design savvy, sustainability, and manufacturing expertise intersect.”

The logo debut marks the first phase of Unifoil’s rebranding, which also includes the re-branding of its award-winning Unilustre and Ultralustre technologies. In addition, a new Unifoil website and an array of collateral materials will be introduced in the coming months.