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FLEXcon unveils 12 new substrates for HP Indigo presses

February 9, 2010

The addition of the 12 new products brings the total number of FLEXcon HP Indigo printable substrates to 32.

To meet the increasing demands of printers who are leveraging their HP Indigo presses to win lower volume, yet more intricate jobs, FLEXcon has rolled out 12 new HP Indigo-compatible substrates. These products are applicable for a wide range of product identification and advertising applications, including reflective and conformable durable labels, graphic advertising for floors and windows, and prime labels.

FLEXcon will introduce the new products at the Dscoop5 (Digital Solutions Cooperative) Annual Conference February 18-20 in Dallas, TX, USA. The addition of the 12 new products brings the total number of FLEXcon HP Indigo printable substrates to 32, all of which are from FLEXcon’s Value Better Supreme (VBS) product offerings. These new products are topcoated with FLEXcon’s DigiPRO HP Indigo-compatible TC-338 or TC-413 topcoats and can be shipped in 5 days or less. Products will be available in short runs (360 MSI, equivalent to 5 rolls 12” x 500’) and have a one-year shelf life.

By utilizing FLEXcon’s core competency in polymeric coating, converters can improve efficiency through one-stop shopping, as well as offer an overall cost savings. The company says that for converters who coat on-press, FLEXcon can provide a much more consistent stock with one less step for to schedule and process, yielding an increase in their bottom line.

FLEXcon is an ISO 9001:2000 worldwide manufacturer of pressure-sensitive film and adhesives for applications including indoor and outdoor advertising, bonding/mounting, and product identification, safety, hazard, bar-coded, and primary labels. The company is headquartered in Spencer, MA, USA, and has operations throughout North America and Europe, with distribution worldwide.

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