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Order custom labels with free iPhone app

February 22, 2010

Denver converter Lightning Labels launches a free iPhone application that allows customers to order a wide range of labels in under a minute.

iPhone users can now get a free custom label printing quote in under a minute with the new iLabel application from Lightning Labels, an all-digital printer in Denver, CO, USA. To download the world’s first iPhone label quoting app, users simply go to the iTunes store and search for iLabel.

"It's fast, easy and can be done from anywhere," notes Lightning Labels founder Peter Renton. "Fill out six selection fields and get a price almost instantaneously. I've been able to get the entire process down to a little over 30 seconds, a far cry from the days when custom printing quotes often took days to turn around."

The impetus for building a dedicated label printing quote application was the high volume of iPhone users getting quotes from the main Lightning Labels website, adds Renton. "We decided to make it super easy for these people."

"Quote information is immediately forwarded to the appropriate customer service representative,” notes James Lowry, general manager at Lightning Labels. “Users can tap a button to call Lightning Labels and discuss details, deadlines and any other applicable information with a rep fully apprised of their needs – saving additional time and effort."

Convenience and time savings continue past the iLabel quoting stage through project completion. "We provide a state-of-the-art web-based system for uploading artwork, and can handle all fulfillment requirements in a streamlined fashion as well," emphasizes Christy Correll, Lightning Labels’ online marketing specialist. "In the amount of time it used to take to get a custom label printing quote alone, we can now complete, ship and in some cases even deliver the job. This takes the concept of web-based printing and fulfillment to a new level."

Label sizes and shapes can be as varied as the imagination, says Renton, ranging from ½-inch circular to 11” x 17” rectangular.

More information is available at, and at the Lightning Labels blog.