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Squid Ink donates VDP inkjet system to Dunwoody College

February 22, 2010

The variable data printers are mounted on the college’s 10” Mark Andy flexo press.

Squid Ink has donated a new VDP In-Line variable data printing system to the Dunwoody College of Technology in Minneapolis, MN, USA. The donation, valued at approximately $50,000, allows Dunwoody students to gain hands-on experience printing variable data on their flexographic presses.

The VDP In-Line variable data printing system has been mounted on Dunwoody’s 10” Mark Andy flexographic press. Squid Ink’s system utilizes industrial ink jet technology to print variable data like sequential bar codes, sequential numbers, traceability codes or game codes on tickets, tags or labels. The system includes four printheads, each with the capability to print up to 2.1” of high-resolution print on a variety of porous or non-porous surfaces.

Squid Ink President Bill Hoagland says, “Squid Ink is excited by the opportunity to support the Dunwoody College of Technology’s efforts with this donation. By providing students with hands-on access to the latest technology, in the high demand area of variable data printing, we feel certain that they will enter the workplace better prepared to begin their careers and contribute to the industry.”

Flexographic Instructor Shawn Oetjen was involved from the beginning of this project and expressed appreciation for the donation. “We are grateful for Squid Ink’s donation and our ongoing partnership to better prepare our students for a career in flexographic and variable data printing,” he says. “Variable data printing is in high demand right now, and I am excited to be able to offer our students the ability to add variable printing to their training.”

Squid Ink specializes in the manufacture of superior quality inks and inkjet printing equipment for the packaging, printing, and product marking industries. Squid Ink printing systems are used by manufacturers around the world to print bar codes, date codes and other product identification information on their products. Headquartered in Brooklyn Park, MN, Squid Ink also has manufacturing facilities in Spring Lake Park, MN, and Shanghai, China.

Photo: Squid Ink’s Bill Hoagland, left, and Shawn Oetjen of Dunwoody College with the new VDP unit.

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