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Servo 3000 simplifies multi-layer labels

March 2, 2010

Rotary Technologies says the unit can work with an unlimited number of colors.

Rotary Technologies Inc., Orlando, FL, USA, has introduced the Servo 3000 Infeed + Reregister System, which it says gives label converters an innovative and efficient option in producing multi-layer labels. Products that can be produced include booklet labels, extended content labels, instant redeemable coupons, and many other multi-web constructions.

Benefits of using the Servo 3000 include an unlimited amount of colors, simple operation, and high production speeds and efficiencies, says Rotary Technologies President Joe Nicholson.

“Traditional inline processes limit the use of color because the press colors are split among the number of layers and panels,” he says. “Further, the press operator must register the colors on both webs and then register the two webs together. The Servo 3000 simplifies the process by automating complex tasks.”

With the Servo 3000, no other press modification or equipment is necessary to produce these products, Nicholson adds. A video demonstration on how to produce multilayer labels can be viewed here.