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Three print veterans form new special effects company

March 15, 2010

Color-Logic color communication systems and software tool sets for a variety of special effect printing applications.

A new company, Color-Logic Inc., has been formed to bring a range of color communication systems, design software and print solutions for special effects to the printing industry. Based in West Chester, OH, USA, Color-Logic brings together three executives with broad experience in color management, color communication and special effects.

Richard Ainge, the Color-Logic technical director, has nearly 20 years of prepress experience, with intimate knowledge of design and print workflows. Most recently, Ainge spent eight years developing special effects for printing applications. He was the architect of a metallic-based color system which gained international recognition in the graphic arts marketplace, and received many industry awards. His experience includes developing graphic arts special effects training programs.

Mark Geeves, the sales and marketing director, has nearly 30 years experience in the measurement and control of color, including executive assignments at X-Rite, Color Savvy, GretagMacbeth, and Ciba. He was involved in bringing portable and embedded instrumentation, and automated measurement devices to the graphic arts and color and appearance marketplaces. As president of BestColor America, he pioneered the use of inkjet for proofing in the graphic arts marketplace, and has worldwide experience in developing and implementing color programs in the graphic arts, plastics, automotive, and paint markets. Recently Geeves has been active in three-dimensional imaging for CADCAM and eCommerce.

Dave Bowden, the operations and e-commerce director, has more than 30 years experience innovating and advancing technology for printing, color and appearance, and e-ink markets. He has held executive positions at X-Rite, Color Savvy, Minolta, BestColor, and GretagMacbeth. An active member of several national and international standards organizations focused on color, Bowden holds several patents in the areas of color measurement and control.

Notes Geeves, “Color-Logic was formed to address the needs of graphic designers and printers for special effects. We are developing a comprehensive series of products to fill a void.”

Color-Logic develops color communication systems and software tool sets for a variety of special effect printing applications. It provides brand owners, product managers, corporations, and their advertising agencies the ability to differentiate themselves and their clients with a simple print production process that yields dramatic results.