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Label associations unite on environmental issues

March 29, 2010

Industry leaders have endorsed a commitment to reduce the environmental impact of labels and to encourage more sustainable products and processes.

TLMI, FINAT, and major label associations from around the world have agreed to promote sustainability and environmental standards in every major global region. The initiative was agreed upon at the recent Global Label Association Summit in Barcelona, Spain. Leaders from label industry groups endorsed a commitment to further reduce the environmental impact of labels, encourage more sustainable label materials and production processes, meet changing industry and retailer-driven recycling targets, and work towards the continued reduction of waste.

Measures that global label associations, suppliers and converters are already targeting include:

• The promotion of environmental standards such as the TLMI LIFE (Label Initiative for the Environment) Certification Program that mandate accreditation by third party auditors;

• Enhancing measures to inform, educate and support narrow web converters in meeting current and future environmental and sustainability targets;

• Supporting the use of materials and standards that encourage sustainable and renewable resources;

• Continued industry development of solutions to maximize cost effective recovery and recycling of pressure sensitive labelstock waste;

• Highlighting the development and use of thinner, lighter label materials;

• Working towards further reduction in the amount of landfill waste and higher recovery and recycling rates; and

• Having a more prominent industry voice and input into global government, brand owner, packaging and related organizations that are currently impacting environmental and sustainability issues relating to labels and label utilization.

TLMI Chairman Frank Gerace says, “One of the most critical issues facing narrow web converters, their customers and their suppliers is sustainability. As the largest retailers in the world increasingly seek transparency throughout the supply chain, all of our companies will be impacted and held accountable for the environmental initiatives and standards we integrate into our facilities. It is essential that the world’s label associations come together to address these issues so that we may speak with a collective voice that is in the best interest of the industry.”

The members of the label associations currently endorsing these measures represent label production and usage in Europe, Australia, Brazil, China, India, Japan, New Zealand and North America.