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Schreiner MediPharm L.P. passes three compliance audits

March 29, 2010

The Germany-based company can now boast of having verified quality on both sides of the Atlantic.

Schreiner MediPharm has simultaneously passed three compliance audits at its US production site in Blauvelt, NY, verifying quality management, environmental management and occupational health & safety standards.

"The results of the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 audits prove that Schreiner’s commitment to innovation, quality and performance does not only apply to our German facilities, but extends across the globe to our Blauvelt, NY, location," say Gene Dul, president, Schreiner MediPharm L.P. "For this reason, Schreiner MediPharm L.P. can celebrate the achievement of another milestone, while customers can rely on a quality supplier who uses the same validated processes and standards worldwide; thus offering reliable back up facilities within the scope of global risk management and ensuring proven sustainability."

Based in the Munich area of Germany, Schreiner MediPharm is a global leader in the development and manufacture of specialty labels with value-added benefits for the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. Schreiner MediPharm L.P., is located at 300 Corporate Drive, Suite 10, Blauvelt, NY 10913.