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FTS and Harper establish military scholarship

April 6, 2010

Flexographic Trade Services has expanded the Harper Scholarship fund for returning Army National Guard families.

The successful Harper Scholarship fund, awarded through Flexographic Trade Services (FTS), Fort Mill, SC, USA, has expanded the program to make it available to all returning US Army National Guard soldiers and their spouses, giving them the opportunity to be retrained for a career in the flexographic industry.

FTS founder Art Fields says, “The unemployment rate for our returning men and women is over 28 percent, so this program is desperately needed. Once again, thanks to Ron and Katherine Harper’s continuing support, we are able to give back to our returning veterans and help them find not only employment, but an entirely new career path.”

FTS vendor sponsors and member companies constantly tell them how much they need disciplined, dedicated and skilled personnel, says Fields, and they believe that the new scholarship will fill that need.

FTS has provided more than 400 students with jobs in the flexo printing and packaging industry. In some instance, Fields adds, the training has led to new business startups. FTS expects to put at least 100 army students through their program during 2010, Fields adds.

Companies that are interested in becoming a scholarship sponsor, or a student, can call FTS at 803-802-5211, or visit