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New Schober diecutter features automated in-mold label delivery

May 24, 2010

The technology employed in the system allows for economical diecutting of intricate labels.

Schober USA has introduced the RSM-410-IML/SMA, the newest version of its RSM family of rotary diecutting machines. The technology features automated delivery systems for the production of in-mold labels, and is suitable for production of the 5-panel labels that are common with consumer packaged goods. The new Schober model allows for economical diecutting of intricate labels.

The RSM-410-IML/SMA has a working width of 410mm (16.14”). Additional models with widths of 260mm (10”), 330mm (13”), 430mm (16.93”), 520mm (20.47”), and 550mm (21.65”) are available. Components include a heavy duty rotary diecutting station, automated web guides, continuously monitored re-insertion, vacuum controlled product flow, and static neutralizer. An automated star-wheel delivery system allows the stacked labels to be collected, collated and removed for further processing or off-line handling. The system unwinds label rolls, diecuts labels, counts, stacks and delivers labels, rewinds waste matrix tension controlled, and is suitable for labels of any size and complexity. Registration is constantly monitored so that a print-to-cut accuracy of 0.015" is maintained at 95 percent of production.

Pneumatic roll lifting capacity is 440 to 1135 pounds. The diecutting module with high-precision bearing assembly and an "on-the-fly" die-to-anvil adjustment is included, with diecutting cylinders of up to 36 inches in circumference. A vacuum generator is included for the vacuum conveyor, which collects diecut labels prior to stacking.

Schober USA, Fairfield, OH, is the North American subsidiary of Schober GmbH, a manufacturer of rotary web converting technologies for the label, packaging, personal care, and general paper, film and foil converting industries.