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Spartanics offers free laser diecutting analysis

June 1, 2010

The lab provides detailed engineering analyses of maximum material thicknesses that can be handled with a variety of different substrates correlated to laser power.

Label converters can now determine if the materials they use can be handled by modern laser diecutting technology by sending samples for engineering studies and analyses to the new Spartanics Laser Cutting Applications Laboratory for Materials Research. The lab provides no-cost detailed engineering analyses of maximum material thicknesses that can be handled with a variety of different substrates, including brand name materials, correlated to laser power and other variables.

“The explosion in new materials with different properties – tensile strengths, toughness, resilience, etc – has been especially pronounced in the last decade. During this same time period, laser diecutting technology, largely due to more sophisticated software engineering, continues to evolve at such a rapid pace that the conclusions one might make today about whether a certain plastic, non-woven, or even nanomaterial can be adequately handled by digital diecutting is likely not going to be the same in just a few years. Spartanics has opened this Laser Die Cutting Applications Laboratory for Materials Research to facilitate the systematic study of match-up between laser diecutting and materials – both long-established brand names and newer material innovations,” says Paul Dirienzo, Spartanics director, adding that the company plans to publish the results of its studies in the future in some manner, partnering with the major materials suppliers around the world to “create a knowledge-base that will become a standard reference across industries.”

Spartanics Finecut Laser Die Cutting Systems are used in a wide array of applications including flexible circuits, membrane switches, gaskets, labels, cardstock and paperboard products, packaging, automotive and medical device components, discs, belts, and gaskets, novelty magnets, RFID tags, POP display products, industrial textile applications, and more.

To arrange for a no-cost materials analysis of suitability for finishing, marking and other detailing with laser diecutting, contact Mike Bacon, Spartanics VP, at

Spartanics is headquartered in Rolling Meadows, IL, USA.