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FINAT welcomes C4G release liner recycling initiative

June 14, 2010

The recycling process involves collection of liners and de-siliconization, resulting in the generation of fine and specialty papers.

FINAT, the European association for the self-adhesive label industry, recently joined forces with other global associations to further endorse the industry’s commitment to a more sustainable and environmentally responsible future. The association says it welcomes the initiative taken by Cycle4Green Ltd. (C4G), which has created a sustainable solution for spent release liner materials in a closed-loop, Europe-based recycling system.

C4G has created a concept to recover and recycle the release paper liners back to paper products. To make this happen, three processes are needed: 1) collection programs at release liner end users, which can be commercial siliconizers, label printers or label end users; 2) logistics solutions to transport waste material locally, centralized warehousing and transport to preprocessing or directly to a recycling facility (pulp/paper mill); and 3) Removal of silicone (de-siliconizing) and processing of the fiber to be used in paper making.

The concept has been developed and tested during the past year by C4G and Lenzing Papier GmbH, an Austrian paper company. As a result of this project, release paper waste can now be used to produce recycled fine and speciality paper products at Lenzing Papier.

FINAT says it wishes to help meet the changing industry and customer recycling targets and work towards the continued reduction of label waste. “We fully support the ongoing industry measures to further reduce the environmental impact of labels, and encourage more sustainable label materials and production processes,” says Andrea Vimercati, president of FINAT. “Therefore, FINAT embraces the C4G initiative by raising awareness about this new solution, both among its members and their label-using customers, and will establish a platform to connect end users and label printers with C4G and other relevant solutions."