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International label seminar planned for Stuttgart

June 21, 2010

Zeller+Gmelin’s conference is aimed at knowledge exchange between suppliers and converters.

“Future Demands for the Narrow Web Industry” is the title of an international seminar for the self-adhesive label industry scheduled for October 7-8. The sponsor is Zeller+Gmelin GmbH, and the venue is the Millennium Hotel in Stuttgart, Germany. The company, which focuses on special segments such as label and package printing, sees the event as the beginning of a series of seminars to exchange information between industry suppliers and the users.

Zeller+Gmelin, which manufactures inks, coatings and other products, says the conference will address developments and challenges in the marketplace, and technological trends and innovations in the field of adhesive labels. Specific topics will include migrational behavior of printing inks and adhesives, curing of ink and varnish using UV, electron beam or LED-UV-technology, analysis of printed samples, comparison of analog and digital printing techniques, and color shade differences in printing.

The seminar is directed at specialists of manufacturers of branded goods, labels and packaging manufacturers and is free of charge for the participants. The number of participants is limited to 200.

In conjunction with the lectures, which will be simultaneously translated intoGerman, English and French, a small-scale trade fair will take place within the seminar enabling various supplying companies to present themselves as an industry partner of Zeller+Gmelin.