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Mexican converter installs new Gallus ECS 340

June 21, 2010

C5 Design held an open house for industry people at its Tultitlán facility.

C5 Design, a Mexican label converter, recently held an open house at its facility in Tultitlán to demonstrate its newest acquisition, a Gallus ECS 340 granite-based press. About 40 visitors were on hand to examine the machine, which is the first ECS 340 to be installed in Latin America.

General Director Jorge Gonzalez says that the new press will help the company to turn a job around in eight hours from label design, platemaking and printing. “The speed of the press is a key element of this,” he says. “The machine also helps us to produce products that we previously were not able to, such as fragrance varnishes which are applied on the press.”

The press installed at C5 Design is a fully UV, servo-driven eight-color press with cold foil and lamination. Hans-Ramón Hofmann, Gallus’s sales director for Latin America, says: “A big advantage of the Gallus ECS 340 is its very short web path – 11 meters for 8 colors – so job changeovers don’t generate a lot of waste. The quick changeover means that it is ideal for short runs, while the granite base results in stable register.’ The base of the press is constructed from recyclable technical granite, which Gallus says helps eliminate vibration and noise from the press line.