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Econo Products named Recyl distributor in USA

July 6, 2010

The printing and graphic arts supplies distributor also celebrates 80 years in business.

Econo Products Inc. has been named the exclusive US distributor for Recyl cleaning products. Econo also has announced the celebration of 80 years in the business of helping printers improve print quality and profitability.

Recyl Quick’Wash plate cleaners are cost effective, easy to use products that provide superior cleaning results, According to Econo. These low VOC and environmentally-friendly products are available in formulas for water, solvent, and UV inks and coatings.

Recyl anilox roll cleaners are non-abrasive liquid gels that dissolve trapped ink and coating particles deep within the anilox cell. Recyl’Clean 2000 anilox roll cleaner is used for color changes, daily cleanings, and deep cleaning on all types of anilox rolls. Recyl Cobra is designed for the deep cleaning of neglected ceramic anilox rolls.

Established in 1930 by Sheldon E. May, Econo Products started as a manufacturer of matrix board and rubber plate making supplies in the flexographic and converting industries. Today, Econo Products is a 4th generation family-owned business based in Rochester, NY, USA, and is a major distributor of printing and graphic arts supplies.

“We continue to be a leading manufacturer of matrix board, and have expanded our product offerings to include mounting tapes, photopolymer plate materials, and cleaning products,” the company declared in a recent statement. “Our four regional distribution centers provide customers with quick access to these products, and many more.