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Czech company launches UV inkjet label printer

August 4, 2010

The printer, from Tecom Paper, utilizes Konica Minolta inkjet heads and a GEW UV curing system.

Tecom Paper, based in Prague, Czech Republic, has launched the TIJ 2048C/400 high-performance UV inkjet digital label printer. The TIJ 2048C/400 uses inkjet technology to print labels and similar products on most materials, including self-adhesive film and paper. The reel to reel transport system can utilize rolls up to a maximum diameter of 620 mm (24.4”). The speed of printing can be varied depending on the image being used and is adjusted by the transport system, with a typical speed of 20 m/min. (The maximum mechanical speed is 50 m/min.).

Maximum media width can be up to 400 mm (15.7”), and the machine is equipped with an automatic tension control on both unwind and rewind sides. The unwind side has a built-in automatic web guide.

The printer uses the Konica-Minolta KM1024 printhead and GEW curing lamps. Josef Trs, general director of Tecom Paper, says: “Before we launched our label machine into the market, we conducted a one year test program using our prototype inkjet machine to produce labels for real client orders. We found that our inkjet printer produces, in many cases, better color results than our traditional flexo printing machine. Our clients appreciated the quality of the inkjet printing.”

The printer features a splice table with pneumatic clamps on the unwind and rewind sides. The design of the transport system is simple to understand,” says Trs, adding that the small dimensions of the printer allow it to fit into operations with limited floor space.