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EskoArtwork donates software to FTA

August 23, 2010

The software will advance the development of the association’s FIRST Operator Certification Program.

The Flexographic Technical Association’s TEST program has announced the donation by EskoArtwork of a complete suite of flexo-related software to advance the development of the association’s FIRST Operator Certification Program. Included in the donation are multiple accounts of editing and sheet layout modules, workflow automation, color management, output and imaging programs, 3D design applications and online collaboration solutions.

“This type of donation is so important to the future of our program,” says Joe Tuccitto, FTA director of education. “Not only will this software allow us to provide robust graphics to the FIRST Implementation Specialist and Press Operator Certification programs, but will also allow us to author the content for the FIRST Prepress Certification Program using the very same tools that the industry is already using. EskoArtwork has always been on the forefront of supporting educational programs around the world and for our team this is the icing on the cake.”

“The senior management and staff of EskoArtwork are extremely committed to the education and advancement of the graphic arts industry,” says Larry Moore, director of software services for EskoArtwork in North America. “We see the formation of industry education partnerships with technical associations like FTA and university graphics programs as key in keeping the industry strong and productive. Continuing education of applications and practices are crucial to increasing the productivity and efficiency of the graphics industry; to secure its position in the global economy.”

In addition to the software donation, EskoArtwork is the most recent sponsor of the TEST Virtual Campus. The campus features seven buildings and 16 building wings, housing a combined 350-plus online courses that offer training on everything from the FIRST Operator Certification program to professional development, OSHA, and environmental, health and safety. EskoArtwork sponsors the Graphics Lab.