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EFI unveils digital inkjet printer with UV LED curing

September 7, 2010

The low heat curing system permits printing on unsupported and heat-sensitive materials.

EFI Jetrion, manufacturer of a digital inkjet label press, has introduced a version that features LED UV curing for printing on flexible packaging materials. A newly developed, flexible ink for the Jetrion 4830LED press allows printing on unsupported and heat sensitive materials, including shrink sleeves.

According to Kenneth Stack, Jetrion’s senior VP and general manager, LEDs produce low heat and targeted wavelengths, which allow full UV ink curing on film materials that were too sensitive for traditional UV curing methods. “The system was designed to expand short run printing opportunities beyond traditional label stock to a broader range of flexible packaging materials supported only by UV LED curing technology,” Stack says. “And in keeping with our commitment to providing our customers with a clear technology migration path, the new flexible ink set and LED lamp technology can be retrofitted on any existing Jetrion 4830, eliminating customer concerns about digital obsolescence.”

Stack adds that the development of the flexible UV LED curing inks “demonstrates EFI Jetrion’s ongoing core competency in ink design, formulation and manufacture. We’re committed to bringing innovative ink solutions to market as a result of customer requirements and changes in market dynamics.”

The Jetrion 4830LED is a full color digital label press that handles web widths of up to 9” (229 mm), prints up to 8.3” (210 mm) wide, and can reach a speed of 120 fpm (37 mpm).

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