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BST combines systems for inspection and workflow

September 14, 2010

Shark inspection system now coupled with Lector Work Flow module.

BST Pro Mark announced the launch of its Shark LEX 100 percent inspecation system coupled with the company’s Lector Work Flow module. The system can be integrated into a rewinder or on a press up to 22” wide.

The Shark 100 percent inspection system identifies both random and repeating defects as small as 0.05 square milimeters, including missing print, fill-in, splash, spots, misregister, hickeys, dirty print, web crease, haze, smudges, diecut variations, and other imperfections. The new system also includes PDF inspetion, which compares the actual on-press print against the customer approved PDF, and identifies any variations.

Lector Work Flow is a software tool for managing print quality and throughput from printing to shipping across multiple machines. It displays and evaluates process job data to help manage throughput; for example, it catalogs all defects noted by the Shark and references their positions on the roll, so that the operator or quality control manager can determine how the defect should be handled.