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Laser cutting is featured by Spartanics

September 14, 2010

The laser cutter performs at speeds up to 300 fpm.

The Finecut Laser Cutting Systems from Spartanics are fully operational at the company’s booth, as well as at the EFI Jetrion stand. The cutter, which can replace solid and flexible diecutters with cutting by a laser, was performing at speeds up to 300 fpm on basic label shapes.

“Waste is nil for setup,” says Spartanics’ Mike Bacon. “It would use up about five labels. Savings come from the lack of tool costs, as well as from damage to tooling.” Bacon says that most damage to rotary tooling comes during the transit from storage to the production area. Software innovations have removed the glitches that plagued laser cutting systems in the past, he adds.

“Using a laser cutter is a natural for digital labels, where images on one roll can vary,” says Bacon. The Spartanics system comes in web widths of about 8”, 10”, 14” and 16”.