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Polymag Tek upgrades four roll web cleaner

September 14, 2010

The new machine features patented tape oscillation and a compact controls package.

Polymag Tek has taken its Four Roll Web Cleaner and made a new Four Roll Web/Sheet Cleaner with patented tape oscillation and compact controls package. The web/sheet widths can range between 2” and 40” and run maximum speeds of 700 fpm. Pneumatic cylinders separate the rolls when the machine stops for easy access to rolls. The Polymag patented oscillation is used to spread slit edge contamination over a 2" line of travel, thereby increasing the life of the tape by at least 16 times. It also assures continual cleaning of the entire CCR face Length surface.

The equipment cleans a broad range of materials, including film, foil, carton board, newsprint, recycled paper and more. The machines are designed to remove loose particulate contamination from web and sheet substrates, or process rolls, such as slitting dust, converting debris and other by-products.

Polymag Tek specializes in the design of web and process roll cleaning equipment for the printing, coating and laminating industries. All of its Web Cleaner Systems can be altered to fit specific applications.