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GEW enhances its e-Brick power supply

September 15, 2010

The company also augments its product warranty through the Service+ plan.

GEW, a manufacturer of UV curing equipment, announces the launch of the next generation of its e-Brick power supplies that incorporate new design elements to increase energy efficiency. Users can now select the power level required for the job depending on the properties of the ink, coating or adhesive at the appropriate press speed. Rather than being manufacturer-set, users are now able to select whatever power they need to print a specific job, whilst being assured of the highest level of energy efficiency.

“The tendency has been to use full power to combat the risk of under-cure,” says Brian Wenger, president of GEW’s USA operation. “Our aim is to reduce energy costs and prevent spoiled print jobs by using the minimum power required to cure, with extra in reserve for the more difficult jobs. We have achieved this through further development of the e-Brick electronic power supplies, UV lamps, reflectors and software and by developing a range of scientific tools to monitor UV output.

Along with the latest versions of its on-line and hand held UV monitoring systems, GEW will also offer remote diagnostics that enable minor issues that affect UV curing to be corrected via the internet, eliminating down time and service calls. In addition, average system standby can be reduced to well below 15 percent through the use of GEW’s Greentimer facility.

“We will also be introducing customers to the benefits of our new Service+ scheme,” adds Wenger. “All GEW UV systems carry a full one year warranty from new. Joining the Service+ plan is a no-cost option and entitles end users to increase their warranty to three years, subject to using competitively priced lamps and parts from GEW. Free 24-hour worldwide telephone support is included, plus support and advice on UV curing solutions.”

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