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Graymills features new ink cooling system

September 15, 2010

The Chillter improves print quality while lowering costs.

Graymills is showcasing Chillter, its new ink cooling system that the company touts as a cost saving product that also improves print quality.

A recent EPA study showed that the cost of hot ink could top $56,000 per deck. Chillter provides savings by reducing ink consumption, improves density consistency and viscosity control, and allows for less wasted solvent. In addition, Graymills says it provides for better dot structure and fewer “donuts.”

Graymills says its also easy to use. Simply replace the cover of your Graymills ink filter with the Chillter, hook it up and it’s ready to go. The Chillter comes with an electronic temperature contol, and the dual core system integrates with a Graymills ink filter, thus minimizing bulk. The Chillter also integrates with press chill water supply, secondary supply, or tap water.
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