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Harper reinvents its popular hand proofer

September 15, 2010

The changes remove uncertainties resulting from human hand pressure while making proofs.

Harper Scientific, a division of anilox maker Harper Corporation of America, has enjoyed success with its popular Phantom hand proofer, which features a miniature anilox roll, doctor blade and rubber ink transfer roller. After extensive field experience with customers, the company has made significant improvements to the device, improving its performance.

The original device is a handheld unit that is rolled along a test piece of substrate for proofing purposes. Users found that varying pressure applied to the unit resulted in uneven results. To remedy that, Harper has altered some of the functions of the unit, and has created a cradle that permits even rolling of the proofer by removing the need for hand pressure.

A further development is an automated cradle assembly, which moves the proofer along the test substrate at even pressure and speed using a motor.

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