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Avery Dennison displays innovation with multiple new products

September 16, 2010

Thin liners, curving PS films, reinvented adhesives are among the changes from the PS materials giant.

Avery Dennison Fasson Roll has revealed the results of two years of effort on its approach to product innovation, demonstrating to Labelexpo attendees and the converting community a collection of new products and concepts in a variety of label applications.

“We have focused on innovation in much different ways over the past 24 months,” says Don Nolan, group vice president for Fasson Roll Materials. “We are investing in major changes, long term developments with bigger results. Our goal is to grow our penetration into markets.”

Curve Appeal is a patent pending system encompassing special Fasson Curvy film labels that work together in a machine application process. Curvy film combines a wraparound look with the shelf appeal of pressure sensitive graphics. It creates up to 30 percent more space for primary labeling than current flat surfaces and, because it reduces the need for two-ply label constructions, enables larger back panels to carry more product or multi-language information.

Also new is ThinStream, which combines an ultra-thin PET liner material with patented machine technology to enable production of a liner only 12 microns thick, or half the thickness of a human hair. With a thinner profile, ThinStream yields 17 percent more labels per roll and reduces liner waste. The PET liner material has a caliper of 12-micron/0.48 mil, which is approximately 50 percent thinner than the lowest caliper 24-micron/0.92 mil material used with conventional diecutting technology. ThinStream diecutting employs a delam/relam process, a special web control system and chilled dies, so the liner is never touched. It can diecut labels at high speeds with excellent quality and registration control. The ThinStream diecutting head eliminates die strikes and web breaks for uninterrupted productivity.

Avery Dennison’s next generation of PS adhesives improve the no-label look with better water whitening resistance, and are ideal for demanding applications that include high-speed converting and high-impact package designs necessary for success in the beer, beverage, food, and home and personal care segments.

The next generation adhesives platform delivers improved liner release balance by enabling high-speed dispensing of up to 1,000 bottles per minute and converting speeds of up to 600 feet per minute. They also feature a reduction of “ooze,” meaning less machine downtime and fewer labeling failures.