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Meech introduces new web cleaner

September 16, 2010

The non-contact cleaner can remove extremely small particles from the web.

Visitors to the booth of Meech Static Eliminators were treated to the debut of ShearClean, a non-contact web cleaning system. The non-contact aspect of the system, says Matt Fyffe, VP of Meech USA, makes it ideal for surfaces prone to scratching, special coatings or decorative labels destined or premium consumer goods.

ShearClean incorporates two cotton-covered rollers, which are positioned 0.5 to 1.0mm on either side of the web. The rollers spin at high speed – 4,000 rpm and upwards – in the opposite direction to the travel of the web. The air currents generated break up the boundary layer on the surface of the web, allowing ShearClean’s vacuum system to remove extremely small particles that would otherwise be trapped in that layer.

ShearClean can be supplied for use with roll widths up to 70” (1.8 m) and web speeds of up to 1,475 fpm (450 m/m) as standard. Faster speeds may be achieved by adjusting factory settings. The system can be used to clean materials as diverse as paper or film.

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