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Omet shows high resolution flexo with X-Flex press

September 16, 2010

The company has introduced OMETChannel for remote video troubleshooting of the presses.

Press manufacturer Omet, celebrating its most profitable year since its founding in 1963, exhibited its X-Flex press printing high-resolution flexo. Demos were carried out using 4,000 dpi printing plates on six-color print subjects, including a metallic color.

Visitors to Chicago saw live operations of OMETChannel, the new system for remote control though video connection. It works by providing the customer with a helmet fitted with a Wi-Fi camera that is integrated in the machine network. This allows transmission of images from the production line.

Using OMETChannel, the company’s technicians receive data fast and securely through the TCP/IP protocol, and can then interact with the person in charge at the customer’s plant. A laser pointer improves the detail shot and lets the converter work as if an Omet technician was at his side. OMETChannel not only covers the electronic working of the machine, but also its electric and mechanical operation too.
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