Sekuworks launches labels with QR 2D bar code verification

Published October 26, 2010
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Sekuworks, a manufacturer of labels and other products for brand protection and security, has introduced Duosecure security authentication labels with QR codes linked to a secure web base verification system. The new line of labels provides anti-counterfeit authentication using multi-level security technologies combined with QR 2D Matrix bar codes. The technology combination creates a serious brand protection tool to fight counterfeits, indicate tampering and track diversion/gray market issues.

Duosecure labels are available with two levels of authentication and multiple levels of web based tracking and verification. The product is a security hologram label with high resolution flexo graphic print, micro text and a taggant. Duosecure+ adds currency level intaglio print with micro text, fine tactile lines and a latent image. Both label types carry unique QR codes for verification.

Web based verification of each label is standard with a minimal purchase. Web interface upgrades are available from adding a customer’s logo to a full tracking program linking product data, assigning and reassigning codes.

“The entire authentication industry understands that a multi-level anti-counterfeit technology approach is the solution to identifying fakes. QR tracking technology addresses verification, diversion and gray market issues. Sekuworks is providing a complete off-the-shelf package combining both to address these issues,” says Bob Spiller, Sekuworks’ CEO.

Sekuworks, Harrison, OH, USA, has integrated multiple security technologies, including currency secure intaglio printing, holography, rotary screen printing, variable data and code insertion. The Northern Banknote division of Sekuworks, which began operations in 1891, produces high security documents for many worldwide governments and financial institutions. The Sekuworks’ NASPO Class One Certified maximum-security facility and project tracking system assure the highest level of accountability to customers around the world.

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