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Fergesen develops new coatings for HP printing

November 1, 2010

The coatings are designed to be used on metalized foil paper, semi-gloss paper, 2 mil clear BOPP, and 3-mil MDO.

Specialty benzophenone-free, high-gloss and matte label coatings for food, wine, pharmaceuticals and chemicals have been developed by Fergesen Design Co. and are now being used in label production. President Dave Fergesen says his company was contacted by the label converter to sort out difficulties with its existing coating and its HP ws4500 digital label press with an offline Rotoflex Vericut finishing system. The coating was unstable in the can and had the wrong application characteristics for the flexographic application process used in the Rotoflex unit.

After testing and determining from HP, Rotoflex and AAA Press what was necessary to meet the label manufacturer’s requirements, Fergesen Design’s laboratory developed two coatings: Fergesen Design FDX 1058 gloss and FDX 1059 matte. They are designed to be used on metalized foil paper, semi-gloss paper, 2 mil clear BOPP, and 3-mil MDO, after being printed with HP inks on a WS 4500 digital printing press.

Based on the requirements of the label manufacturer’s customer, the coated printed sheet must withstand abrasion, solvent, and heat resistance necessary to meet food, wine, pharmaceutical, and chemical requirements. This must be accomplished with both a gloss coating and matte finish coating. In addition, the coating must meet European food and drug requirements and be benzophenone free.

After a year of review and testing, the label manufacturer has approved the coatings for all aspects of its process and reached customer satisfaction for the finished label.

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