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QuickLabel introduces Vivo Touch color label printer

November 13, 2010

The high-speed printer is being marketed to end-use manufacturers.

QuickLabel Systems, a division of Astro-Med Inc., has introduced the Vivo Touch, a color label printer that it describes as a high-resolution, high-speed "intelligent" device capable of printing color labels on the fly. The printer is being marketed to end-use manufacturers.

The Vivo utilizes a 1.6 GHz internal computer to process variable label data and coordinate label jobs, printing color labels at speeds of 25 feet per minute.

"The Vivo Touch is an amazing digital color label printer that does two things that have never been done before in the same system: It makes color labels in excellent print quality and also dynamically prints color labels on the fly, at high speeds that keep up with most packaging lines,” says Eric Pizzuti, QuickLabel Systems vice president and worldwide sales director. “And it does it all at a low-cost per label that makes it affordable for manufacturers to print their own labels. Whether your packaging process requires you to dynamically print color labels with data from your ERP system, or whether you simply want the capacity to changeover your line quickly and instantly custom print your own color labels in photo-quality, the Vivo! Touch represents a great advancement in digital color label print quality, print speed, and in the user-friendliness of digital color label presses."

QuickLabel Systems says that the on-board color label printer intelligence and high speed label printing will be a benefit to end-user manufacturers who require flexibility in their labeling process. The company describes the compact color label printer with LCD touchscreen control panel as the next generation of Vivo LED color label printing technology, a new platform that will replace the previous Vivo model.

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