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Flint symposium attracts large international crowd

December 14, 2010

Flint Group Flexographic Products educates its international sales team about the company’s wide product range and innovations.

More than 120 sales professionals from 43 countries attended a recent two-day symposium in Stuttgart sponsored by Flint Group Flexographic Products. Presentations included comprehensive information on the status of the product portfolio offered by Flint, and various new developments were presented in detail. Joining Flint in the program were EskoArtwork, Tesa and Zecher.

Mario Busshoff, VP and general manager of Flint Group Flexographic Products, says that the participants “appreciated the motivating atmosphere that encouraged an international exchange of experience and strengthened the team spirit. In addition, the attendees unanimously appraised the presentation as extremely worthwhile, as the comprehensive information on the current status of the broad product portfolio offered a systematic overview, and various new developments were presented in detail.”

UV exposure technology provided a technical highlight for flexo printing plates, which Flint Group Flexographic Products presented for the first time during Labelexpo Americas. The new Nyloflex NExT technology is currently in the beta test phase and will become commercially available in 2011.

Presentations covered various Nyloflex plates, sleeves and equipment; Rotec sleeves and adapters; and the Automated Plate Processor.