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GEW UV curing mini-lab available through HarperScientific

December 14, 2010

The unit is useful for converters who work with UV curable inks.

GEW’s mini laboratory UV curing unit, a useful tool for converters who work with UV inks, is now available in North and South America from HarperScientific.

The 88-pound (40kg) mini-lab UV curing unit, which has simple controls and an ozone-free UV lamp, can be operated away from printing and coating lines. It offers a belt and curing width of 6” (150mm). Using constant UV lamp power, the mini lab unit controls curing dosage by varying belt speed from 16.4 to 229.6 fpm (5 to 70 m/m).

Included as standard is GEW’s focused dichroic reflector with 80W/cm (200W/in). An exhaust fan/on-board cooling system keeps the unit running at peak performance even after many hours of full speed operation. The mini lab’s 220/240 V 50/60 Hz single phase 13-amp power supply fits with most workplace locations. Available options include infeed and outfeed sample catching trays, iron and gallium doped lamps, spare UV cassettes and UV lamps, and an inert gas nitrogen atmosphere capsule for inert curing applications.