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Whitepaper notes progress in non-contact measurement

December 20, 2010

Beta LaserMike’s report indicates why converters replacing mechanical measurement methods with non-contact length and speed measurement systems.

Beta LaserMike, Dayton, OH, USA, a provider of precision measurement and control systems, has published a whitepaper titled “Introduction to Non-Contact, Laser-Based Technology for Measuring Length and Speed in Converting Industries.” The document reveals how and why converters from a cross-section of industries are replacing mechanical measurement methods with highly accurate, non-contact length and speed measurement systems, such as Beta LaserMike’s LaserSpeed, to avoid costly product over-shipments, shortages, and waste.

Topics covered in the whitepaper include:

• Examination of the converting industry’s need for accurately measuring length and speed

• Comparison of common mechanical approaches for measuring length and speed

• Thorough discussion of the LaserSpeed non-contact laser measurement technology

• Case studies illustrating the use of the LaserSpeed non-contact measurement technique across a variety of typical conversion process applications

• Return on Investment (ROI) analysis with example pay-back calculation to support the business case for accurate length and speed measurements

The whitepaper may be downloaded at