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Release liner demand grows with economy

January 10, 2011

AWA’s annual conference reviews opportunities, issues, and technology trends.

The annual forum for all concerned in the manufacture and use of release liners, the Global Release Liner Industry Conference & Exhibition, will be held this year in Chicago, March 31 to April 1. The event is produced by AWA Conferences & Events.

“The release liner market has experienced a softening in demand over the past couple of years as a result of the global recession and economic downturn – but demand has been strengthening, driven by a recovery around the globe, and particularly in the developing economies,” says Corey Reardon, president and CEO of AWA Alexander Watson Associates. “We expect to see industry growth at an overall rate of about 3.7 percent in 2011, with the markets in the Asia Pacific region and South America still showing the highest growth rates.”

The conference agenda will explore both opportunities and issues in an industry which, as a whole, provides technical functionality across a variety of markets. Expert presentations, panel discussions, and exclusive AWA market data – including the results of the company’s annual industry survey – will provide the core of the formal program to deliver a comprehensive overview of the current market environment, growth and business development prospects, industry trends, and technology innovation.

Speakers at the conference include Ian Murdoch, director, global forest, paper and packaging, Austria, for PricewaterhouseCoopers; and Todd Williams, procurement manager, decoration and tubes, North America, for Unilever. Other companies represented on the program include Dow Europe, Henkel, Loparex, Novamelt-Jowat, and tesa.

The program concludes with a special session devoted to release liner waste, led by Channeled Resources Group’s Calvin Frost, and featuring a checklist of the tools that drive liner recycling (e.g., scorecards, legislation, cost reductions, and corporate sustainability statements); a study of sustainable recycling of polyester release liners; converting release liner into energy; and an open panel discussion on release liner waste and solutions.

The conference will take place at the Hyatt Rosemont Hotel, Rosemont, IL, USA.