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Gerhardt relaunches famous 7* line of rotary dies

January 18, 2011

A flexible die is now available, as is an overhauled solid die.

Gerhardt, a manufacturer of rotary tooling, has relaunched and extended its 7* rotary die family. A new long life coating has now made a 7* flexible die available, and the solid die has been thoroughly overhauled. According to the company, the dies have an extended lifetime even running on difficult and/or abrasive materials.

The 7* flexible die has a wear resistant coating that has a very low coefficient of friction property. The coating's wear resistant properties are used in the aerospace industry and on surgical implants such as hip replacement joints. It is recommended for converting abrasive materials such as thermal transfer, materials with an aggressive or fluid adhesive, labels being printed with abrasive inks or coatings, and for anyone wanting to convert very long runs.

The 7* solid die is made from powder alloy, designed for cutting tough materials. The hardening process and annealing process is designed to give it a fully hardened and wear resistant performance. The steel is hardened up to HRC 64. It runs up to three times longer than the previous 7* solid die.

Gerhardt’s production facilities are in the UK, Denmark, Poland, the USA, and Australia.