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Nuova Gidue, Graficon to sponsor open house in Switzerland

February 1, 2011

A new Gidue “Digital Flexo” press will be displayed.

Graficon and Nuova Gidue will co-sponsor an open house in Wittenbach, Switzerland, March 15-17, during which Gidue will display an eight-color UV flexo “Digital Flexo” Short Combat press. Graficon is the exclusive distributor of Gidue presses in Switzerland, Austria and Germany.

Several other suppliers, including Kocher + Beck, Rotocontrol, Herma, and Siegwerk, will show their products at the event.

The Gidue press will display the company’s SnowBall matrix waste stripping system for self-adhesive labels, “which increases the productivity in comparison to any label press from 30 percent to 200 percent,” says Federico d’Annunzio, managing director of Nuova Gidue. He adds that the press will feature PrintTutor, a high resolution camera that “constantly ‘reads’ all the printing variables – density, pressure, lateral and length register.” Seven servo motors power each print unit.

“With the Digital Flexo Combat we continue a long history of improvements on the Gidue flexo technology,” d’Annunzio says. “The press supports the operator in most of the functions of setup, production and control, and becomes a predictable ‘digital’ instrument, inside a digital workflow. Printing variables are under control, wastes and production times are greatly reduced. The press behaves as any other digital press, with digital data which manage the entire press operations.”